Express Entry

Express entry system manages the number and type of skilled worker applications by creating a pool of qualified candidates from which employers, provinces, and territories may recruit and select skilled immigrants. The pool is created by ranking qualified candidates. Top candidates receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence. Foreign nationals who wish to apply for permanent residence as skilled workers uses the express entry system to apply for one of the following sub-classes:

  • Federal Skilled Workers—FSW
  • Federal Skilled Trades—FST
  • Canadian Experience Class—CEC
  • The Provincial Nominee Program—PNP

Qualification for the express entry system

Each applicant is access on six selection factors. The points are allocated out of a possible 100 points. The selection factors are:

Selection factor Maximum number of points
Education 25
Proficiency in official languages 28
Work Experience 15
Age 12
Arranged employment 10
Adaptability 10
Total 100

The current pass marks are 67 in order to apply for express entry.

How Express Entry works

Step 1

Apply Online

Step 2

Application Assessment

Step 3

Submit Application
  • Step 1: The Primary applicant fills in online form to complete their express entry profile. Documents, such as language test results and Educational Credentials Assessment are need to submit and online profile.
  • Step 2: The Government of Canada assess the profile assigns a score based to your profile on the Comprehensive ranking systems (CRS score). CRS score is assigned based on skills, experience, age, language ability (English and French), eligible job offers and additional points are given if you have certain relatives in Canada. The profile is then placed in a pool for a period of one year and periodically access to grant an invitation to apply (ITA) for the candidates having the high score in the pool. Candidates has to wait till they receive an ITA to submit their complete application.
  • Step 3: Once the ITA is received, candidate has 60 days to submit the complete application.

Aliyy Immigration can assist you in

  • Determining your eligibility for the express entry system. Determining the eligibility can be confusing as there are many criteria for assessment. Aliyy Immigration can provide guidance to improve your CRS score to increase your chances of getting an ITA.
  • providing step by step guidance during the processing of the application.
  • preparing and filing your application for a hassle-free process.

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